LA010: Post Moves - "Unison of Motion"

Release: 7/6/18

Format: CS / DIG

1) The Arc of Life
2) The Country Yields the City
3) Manco Capac 648
4) Chigagou
5) Palimpsest
6) The Geography of Capital
7) What Happens to People

Always lurking beneath the surface, Sam Wenc's latest for his Post Moves project devotes nearly 45 minutes to drifting and restorative solo pedal steel guitar music. Hinted at in prior releases, "Unison of Motion" is a larger exploration of the disquieting, homespun american music Wenc probes. The 7 tracks unite to create something cosmically traditional and synthetically burbling. Wenc steps aside from the full band outfit here and unfetters himself from compositional pop, instead honing a more improvised approach. The pedal steel playing brings to mind others that have used the instrument outside of standard operating procedure (Susan Alcorn, Chuck Johnson) and the aforementioned synthesizer work recalls other songwriters turned modular interlopers (Sam Prekop, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith). All told, it's a climatic and somewhat mournful listen, one worth the time to slow down enough to catch the drift.

Sam Wenc: pedal steel guitar, synths, effects, field recordings
Recorded in Portland, OR 2017-2018
Mixed by Sam Wenc
Mastered by Ben Durfee
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