LA008: RON - "Material Progress"

Release: 6/22/18

Format: CS / DIG

1) Approaching
2) The Forest Was in a Strange Mood

"Material Progress" highlights the continued efforts of Portland, OR duo RON to divest from cluttered composition and heavy handed catharsis. Seeking space and and urging patience, RON unfolds each piece in a cloth-like manner. Laukkanen (autoharp, Juno, effects) & Wenc (pedal steel, critter guitarri synths) peak at a world unquantized, without calculation. What happens if we were still? Certainly, similar sentiments have been probed within the canon of new age and drone music before. With their latest, RON pries open the door a little further, with new found confidence, patience, and curiosity.

Carl Laukkanen: autoharp, Juno, effects
Sam Wenc: pedal steel, critter guitarri synths, effects
Recorded live in Portland, OR 2017-2018
Mixed by Carl Laukkanen
Mastered by Michael Harris
Design by Christy Bailey
Layout by Lobby Art
CAT#: Lobby Art // LA008 - Egomaniac // EGO002